Roku Setting Up

Roku is a splendid device to stream thousands of paid or unpaid channels, to carry it anywhere, and to be used easily. Whether you are using Roku Ultra, Express, or Streaming Stick, the Roku setup procedure for all models is almost same. As soon as you will install this gamer into your Television set, you will be surprised by its features and cinematic-rich picture quality.

The items consist of device package are:

  • The Roku Streaming Player.
  • Roku Remote Control.
  • One Power cord and one HDMI cable.
  • Troubleshooting manual.

Steps to Connect Roku Device to your Television Set:

  • Connect your TV set and streaming player by using HDMI connection. In order to connect the Television set which only supports 720p or 1080p resolution then it is wise to go with HDMI high-speed cable. Or for 4K HD or HDR TV use a premium high-speed HDMI cable.
  • Roku also works great with the traditional TV sets by connecting them with A/V or composite cables.
  • Steps to Set Up Roku Device on Television Set:

  • Establish all hardware connection properly: plug all cables in their specific ports, connect the power connector to Roku player, and plug the power adapter with a wall outlet.
  • Insert batteries on Roku remote control.
  • Start the device by pressing the Power button.
  • Choose desired language, network (wired or wireless), and screen resolution (720p, 1080p, HD, or HDR).
  • Download the latest software if it is available and then reboot the device.
  • Create new Roku account and activate it by using the Roku activation code
  • After completing the whole procedure Roku streaming player is ready to use.
  • A user can see the home page from where he can check the listing of all channels and if he/she wants to add other channels go to Channel Library.
  • However, the whole process is extremely easy and simple, but if in any case, you are unable to create a reliable setup or facing any technical problem, call our Roku technical support team they will resolve the issue within a couple of minutes.

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